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Mayuyu 🇯🇵

Mayuyu 🇯🇵

158cm - 30D - 90lbs


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🌙  Age (年龄) :


✨ Ethnicity (国籍) :

Japan (日本)

🌙 Bust (三围) :

158cm - 30D - 90lbs

✨ Extra (添加) :

CIM ( 口爆)+40
RIMMING (毒龙): +40
VIDEO(拍视频):+100(with mask)
                        +200(open face)



Mayuyu🇯🇵,20岁 来自人本,人气票选校园美少女!第一次空降温哥华!独发首发店!  集聚混血感的五官,大气漂亮!白皙皮肤 纯红齿白! 单纯向你走来 都能感受到她身材那种青春活力的气息! 笑容超级甜美,态度极好,是那么多日本妹里 经济人说 最有信心的女生👍👍👍她超级娇小 fit! 真的只有 A4纸片小蛮腰!30D CUP 158cm 90lbs 💕超级娇小又有胸有小圈臀!很瘦很苗条,腿很细!🌹服务巨好 非常配合! 好学求上进!求小哥哥带飞!
🌹@metrotown 12:00-12:00

✨Popular campus beauty✨

 Mayuyu🇯🇵, 20 years old, from Renben, the campus beauty voted by the popularity vote! First time to land in Vancouver! Exclusive first launch store! The facial features of mixed blood are beautiful! Fair skin, pure red teeth and white teeth! Just walking towards you, you can feel the youthful vitality of her figure! The smile is super sweet and the attitude is very good. Among so many Japanese girls, the agent said that she is the most confident girl👍👍👍She is super petite and fit! It’s really just an A4 paper waist! 30D CUP 158cm 90lbs 💕Super petite with breasts and small hips! Very thin and slender, with thin legs!

🌹300 (including CIM)/400 (including CIM)/500 (including 2 shots + CIM)
 🌹@metrotown 12:00-12:00

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