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Erika 🇯🇵

Erika 🇯🇵

163cm - 34C - 108lbs


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🌙  Age (年龄) :


✨ Ethnicity (国籍) :

Japan (日本)

🌙 Bust (三围) :

163cm - 34C - 108bs

✨ Extra (添加) :

CIM ( 口爆)+40
MSOG (第二次) : +80
RIMMING (毒龙): +40
VIDEO(拍摄小视频):+100(face cover)


✨超级欲女 最风骚樱花妹✨

  Erika🇯🇵 20岁,来自日本,刚刚落地温村,首发店,100%真人照片 一手沙发!在日本风俗泡泡浴店,红牌服务女生!她的眼神就能电晕你! 日本老板特地介绍,她是那种边deep kiss 你,边眼神欲仙欲死的看着你,那种拉丝感,真的绝了,看来他还是在回味无穷中! 大屁股 ,一线天,紧紧的吸着你! 你想要的日式女朋友式服务她一流!

 🌹220/300/400(包括2 shots)
🌹可+ cim+ Rimming+ video (cover face)
💕@Richmond 12:00-12:00 for 1month only


✨Super lustful girl, the most coquettish J-girl✨

Erika🇯🇵 20 years old, from Japan, just landed in Vancouver, first store, 100% real photos, Exclusive shop! In the Japanese custom bubble bath shop, the top famouse service girl! Her eyes can stun you! The Japanese boss specially introduced that she is the kind of girl who kisses you deeply while looking at you with ecstasy. The feeling of drawing is really amazing. It seems that he is still savoring it! Big ass, narrow waist, sucking you tightly! She is the first-class Japanese girlfriend service you want!



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