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Hana 🇯🇵

Hana 🇯🇵

165cm - 34D - 99lbs


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🌙  Age (年龄) :


✨ Ethnicity (国籍) :

Japan (日本)

🌙 Bust (三围) :

165cm - 34d - 99lbs

✨ Extra (添加) :

CIM ( 口爆)+50
MSOG (第二次) : +80
RIMMING (毒龙): +50
VIDEO(拍小视频)+100(with mask)
                           +200(show face)



Hana🇯🇵 20岁,来自日本东京! 高品质 top level 女神基本!每张照片都是 100% 真人照片,假一罚百!五官神似杨颖!165cm 高挑身材,大美腿又细又白嫩!奥黛丽赫本的21寸小蛮腰!真的 应该只有手的2跨吧!超细小蛮腰 34D 粉红色豪乳!修长的天鹅颈,在日本妹里,真的气质 身材 天菜级别!她是之前在香港 只做空降外围的日本妹! 质素极高!绝对是在马路上路过,你会回头多看她一眼的浓颜系美女! 短期客串 !🌹 240/300/360  恭喜小哥哥 全款喜提一个 日本版Angelababy! 

🌹240/300/360  可+cim+rimming+video
🌹  @metrotown 12:00-12:00


 ✨Japanese version of Angelababy✨
Hana🇯🇵 20 years old, from Tokyo, Japan! High quality top level goddess! Every photo is 100% real photo, ! Facial features are very similar to Angelababy! 165cm tall figure, long beautiful legs are thin and white! Audrey Hepburn's 21-inch waist! Really, it should be only 2 hands across! Super thin waist 34D pink breasts! Slender swan neck, among Japanese girls, the temperament and figure are really heavenly! She was a Japanese girl who only worked as a parachuted escort in Hong Kong before! Very high quality! Definitely a strong beauty who will turn around and take a second look at her when you pass by on the street! Short-term guest appearance! 
🌹 240/300/360 Available + cim + rimming + video
🌹 @ metrotown 12:00-12:00

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