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Ivy 🇰🇷

Ivy 🇰🇷

152cm - 34D- 100lbs


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🌙  Age (年龄) :


✨ Ethnicity (国籍) :

Korean (韩国)

🌙 Bust (三围) :

152cm - 34D - 100lbs

✨ Extra (添加) :

CIM ( 口爆)+40
MSOG (第二次) : +80
NURU: 420/1hr(full body nuru+rimming+one shot)
Dongguan (东莞套餐): 420/1hr(including cim+rimming+one more shot)


Nuru pussy slide

​✨ Ivy🇰🇷20yo,超级娇小size 韩妹! 152cm 34D(天然) 100lbs,mini版娃娃,随意摆弄!姐姐有绝活! 你就乖乖洗香香 躺平就好了! 只要预约45分钟以上就,从脚脚开始,一路向上,然后pussy slide,超级会扭 360度换姿势! 还可以加cim+rimming+东莞+Nuru! 全能服务类型导师级服务! 🌹亲民价格240/280/320🌹@metrotown 12:00-12:00💕

🌹可+ KB+DO + 东莞套餐+ NURU套餐

​✨Ivy🇰🇷20yo, super petite size Korean girl! 152cm 34D (natural) 100lbs, mini version of the doll, play with it as you like! My sister has a unique skill! Just wash your hands and lie down and it'll be fine! Just make an appointment for more than 45 minutes, start from the feet, work your way up, and then pussy slide, you are super good at twisting and changing positions 360 degrees! You can also add cim+rimming+Dongguan+Nuru! All-round service type tutor-level service! 🌹Friendly price 240/280/320🌹@metrotown 12:00-12:00💕

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