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164cm - 34D - 90lbs


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🌙  Age (年龄) :


✨ Ethnicity (国籍) :


🌙 Bust (三围) :

164cm - 34D - 90lbs

✨ Extra (添加) :

CIM ( 口爆):(Free for 45min up)
Rimming(毒龙:(free for60min up)
MSOG (第二次) : +100
OUT CALL(外卖上门):1000/1hr
Over Night(包夜):4000/1Ohr


✨ 越南 胡志明头牌✨

Chicago(芝芝)来自越南胡志明! 她在酒吧街上 最有名最给力的角色扮演店,打败众多芸芸美女的大红牌! 越南的护照,很难做签证出来,能出国的,更是佼佼者中头牌女生!Chicago 全身名牌,很时尚,很会打扮自己的美女!真实年年纪2002年出生!刚满22岁!越南女生都拥有前凸后翘的娇小苗条身材!五官具有混血感!皮肤雪白雪白!3点全粉,贴片烤瓷牙!漂亮美甲!全身脱毛!这个就叫做敬业!Chicago 会流利中文,英文,特别会聊天!在多伦多时候,是加钟爆钟头牌! 今天第一次 空降温村,停留2个星期!本店独家首发!🌹300/400(免费口爆)/500(免费口爆+毒龙)*也可以OUT CALL1000/1HR, 包夜 4000/10hr 🌹高端女生,价格是高一点点的,但是服务 样子,身材,请你放心! 绝对咔咔香!胡志明就像当年的东莞,服务绝对至尊一条龙!@JOYCE 12:00-12:00 热门女生 欢迎提前预约!


✨ Vietnam Ho Chi Minh No. 1✨

Chicago comes from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam! She is the most famous  cosplay shop on Bar Street, defeating many beauties! It is difficult to get a visa for a Vietnamese passport, but those who can come to Canada are the top girls among the best! Chicago is a beautiful girl who wears all brand names, is very fashionable and knows how to dress herself up! His real age was born in 2002! Just turned 22! Vietnamese girls all have petite and slender figures with bulges in the front and back! The facial features have a mixed feeling! The skin is as white as snow! 3-point all pink, porcelain veneer teeth! Beautiful manicure! Full body hair removal! This is called dedication! Chicago is fluent in Chinese and English, and is especially good at chatting! When I'm in Toronto, it's so popural! Today is the first time to fly to Vancouver and stay for 2 weeks! Exclusive in our store! 🌹300/400 (free CIM)/500 (free CIM + Rimming) *You can also OUT CALL 1000/1HR, overnight package 4000/10hr 🌹High-end girls, the price is a little higher, but the service looks and figure, please don't worry! Absolutely delicious! Ho Chi Minh is just like Dongguan back in the day, the one-stop service is absolutely supreme! @JOYCE  12:00-12:00 Popular girls welcome to make an appointment in advance! 


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