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Donny Taiwan

Donny Taiwan

167cm - 36D - 106lbs


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🌙  Age (年龄) :


✨ Ethnicity (国籍) :

Taiwan (台湾)

🌙 Bust (三围) :

167cm - 36D - 106lbs

✨ Extra (添加) :

MSOG (第二次) : +80



Donny 20岁,本地台湾嗲嗲女!本地居住平时,只做高端场的女生,现在凑款包包费,加盟我们家parttime! 约到就是赚到啦!因为她之前价格贵很多! Donny 打扮时尚,高挑黑丝!性感大咪咪,超级嗲,软糯糯的女神!颜值很漂亮,皮肤很白,她长得很像“黑涩会美眉 里面的APPLE”!颜值出色!行走的女性荷尔蒙!她是完全不会催钟,各种技能都积极配合,适合长钟的女生!纯欲天花板! @Richmond 12:00-9:00(并非每天上班,请留意网站)

🌹@ Richmond! 

Donny is 20 years old, a local Taiwanese girl! Girls who live in the local area and usually only do high-end jobs, now Join our parttime! Once you get an appointment, you'll save money! Because her price was much more expensive before! Donny is dressed fashionably, wearing tall black stockings! Sexy big boobs, super pussy, soft and waxy goddess! She is very beautiful and has fair skin.  Excellent appearance! Walking female hormones! She doesn't know how to push the bell at all, and actively cooperates with various skills, which is suitable for girls with long bells! Pure desire ceiling! @ Richmond 12:00-9:00 (not working every day, please pay attention to the website updates),😘
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