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Zoey 🇨🇳

Zoey 🇨🇳

165cm - 34D - 104lbs


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🌙  Age (年龄) :


✨ Ethnicity (国籍) :

Chinese (中国)

🌙 Bust (三围) :

165cm - 34D - 106lbs

✨ Extra (添加) :

CIM口爆 +40
2nd shot:+100



Zoey 20岁, 来自中国江苏,非常 有气质的江南细糠~~ 165cm 34D 104LBS ,照片虽然不是她本人,但是身材发型真的都是一模一样,熟客也可以问我拿100%真人自拍照片。老狼已经试过了,说超级紧,很带感!服务很温柔,态度热情,很有耐心,从来不催钟 !一定会是你下班后的好去处!给人很温馨的感觉!

🌹12:00-10:00(last call)

Zoey is 20 years old, from Jiangsu, China, very elegant Jiangnan Xilang~~ 165cm 34D 104LBS. Although the photo is not hers, her figure and hairstyle are exactly the same. Regular customers can also ask me to take 100% real person selfie photos. Lao Lang has already tried it and said it is super tight and very sexy! The service is very gentle, the attitude is enthusiastic, very patient, and they never rush the clock! It will definitely be your go-to place after get off work! It gives people a very warm feeling!


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