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Sakura 🇯🇵

Sakura 🇯🇵

158cm - 34B - 87lbs


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🌙  Age (年龄) :


✨ Ethnicity (国籍) :

Japan (日本)

🌙 Bust (三围) :

158cm - 34B - 87lbs

✨ Extra (添加) :

CIM ( 口爆)+40
MSOG (第二次): +80
RIMMING (毒龙): +40
Video(拍小视频): +100 (without face) +200 (with face)


SAKURA🇯🇵 19岁,本地HOME STAY,在校日本留学生,流利英文! 白天上课,PARTTIME只兼职,可以OUTCALL,DATING,陪游,陪吃饭,陪看电影,陪你做一切你想做的事情!只为了赚学费,第一次在温哥华工作,真正的学生妹,和她聊天过后,知道她还在咖啡☕️店打工,之前只交过一个男朋友!你绝对没有在任何店见过她,本地独家资源!100%真人照片,青春无敌,娇小纯欲,吹弹可破的脸蛋,不需要过多的化妆就很纯欲💕158CM 34B 87LBS💕可以抱起来玩那种!明天.INCALL 兼职一天,ONLY BOOKING 3位小哥哥! 她笑容非常好,性格有礼貌乖巧,很愿意学习配合那种领家妹妹!



SAKURA🇯🇵 19 years old, local HOME STAY, Japanese international student at school, fluent in English! We have classes during the day, and PARTTIME is only part-time. You can OUTCALL, DATING, accompany you on trips, eat with you, watch movies with you, and do everything you want to do with you! Just to earn tuition, she worked in Vancouver for the first time. She was a real student girl. After chatting with her, I found out that she was still working in a coffee shop and had only had one boyfriend before! You have never seen her in any store, exclusive local resource! 100% real photos, invincible youth, petite and pure desire, with a face that can be blown away, she is very pure without too much makeup💕158CM 34B 87LBS💕The kind you can pick up and play with! Tomorrow, INCALL will work part-time for a day, ONLY BOOKING 3 guys! She has a very nice smile, a polite and well-behaved personality, and is very willing to learn to cooperate with the kind of sister who leads the family!

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